Early Owners

Vault Owners

The descendants and heirs of the owners of record are the current owners.

Names marked with an asterisk later sold or transferred their vaults. Their descendants are not present-day owners. The number preceding the name is the vault number.

If you believe you are descended (…more)

Interesting Ancestors

Discover the identities and the interesting lives of some ancestors buried at New York Marble Cemetery.


What were the occupations of New Yorkers whose final resting place became New York Marble Cemetery.

After the Industrial Revolution and the rise of factory work in the late 1800s, most people were employees. The growing popularity and proliferation of consumer products led to the creation of many new and different kinds of jobs. (..more)

(Image courtesy of  the Museum of the City of New York.)

Charities And Institutions

Early owners were involved in the establishment of many 19th-century NYC institutions.

American Art Union
American Bible Society
American Institute
American Seamen’s Friend Society
American Tract Society
Belle Vue Hospital (…more)