New York Marble Cemetery Records

A second edition of the Cemetery’s records was published in 2020:

New York Marble Cemetery Interments, 1830-1937
Hardbound. x + 411 pp. Illus. ISBN 978-0-578-62029-9
Published by and available from the author – Anne Wright Brown (email –

Much new information from non-cemetery sources has been gathered since the first edition in 1999. Included in the new volume are cemetery history and transcriptions of many original founding documents. For an up-to-date annotated family vault listing for any individual vault – such as the Luman Reed listing shown below – please contact the Cemetery or Anne Brown and we will gladly send one.

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There is quite a collection of papers – even check stubs from construction. Many of the legal documents from 1830-32 have been transcribed and are available from the Cemetery. Register information beyond name, date of interment, vault number and age varies with each superintendency, but may include vault owner, date of birth, date of death, state of birth, street address at death, cause of death, sexton, and attending physician. The vault listings, with names and dates of interment only, were compiled around 1870; interments after that date were sometimes not added. Most reinterments were never meant to be entered in the register but are in the vault lists. Because they are in bound volumes, none of the records at the N-YHS may be photocopied.