The New York Marble Cemetery (NYMC) is privately owned and managed by its Trustees. As a New York City Landmark and not-for-profit 501 (c) 13 corporation, we are empowered to rent our half-acre walled garden for small private events.

The most frequent events we host are weddings, fashion shows, corporate product launches and TV / movie / magazine photo shoots.

Past events have included fund-raisers, family reunions, birthday picnics, Shakespeare plays, poetry readings, art shows, farmers markets, treasure hunts and memorial services.

All events must be respectful and appropriate for a fragile and sacred historic site.  We never rent the garden for Halloween or similar dark-themed events.

We give you the keys to the garden and you do the rest.


No hourly rentals:  Only one client per day, at full price.

All Media:  Photo / Advertising Shoots, TV & Movie Filming cost $2,500 daytime (roughly 9am – 8pm), or $5,000 for full day extending after sunset / overnight.

Small daytime parties cost $2,500 (guest limit 60 including staff), e.g. simple weddings and family picnics.

Medium sized daytime parties cost $3,500 (guest limit 90 including staff)

Large daytime parties cost $5,000 (guest limit 150 including staff) e.g. fashion shows, corporate product launches, company picnics, large weddings and fund-raisers.

Night Parties (up to 11pm) cost $10,000 (guest limit 150 including staff.)

Additional “side days” cost $1,000 each e.g. for wedding rehearsals or to set up tents.

Key Deposit / Liability Insurance:

A conditionally refundable key / clean-up deposit of $2,000 is required of all rentals.  The deposit will be refunded after the event, assuming all conditions are met.

A Private Event Liability Insurance binder is required in the amount of $2,000,000 (Two Million) per occurrence; available on the internet for approximately $280.


NYMC does not offer (or recommend) any catering services. There are no bathrooms, electricity or garbage services. NYMC has the use of water from garden hoses.

Potties and battery powered generators may be brought in. Potties must be located in the alley, but can be camouflaged with some of our potted plants.

The Renter is given the key to the gate and must make all his own arrangements with vendors, including unlocking the gate to meet deliveries without help from our staff.

Site rental includes use of the 250 x 80’ garden and 100’ x 10’alley, including use of our (4) folding tables (each 2’x 4’) , (25) plastic stacking chairs, (8) wooden benches, (2) beach umbrellas and trash cans.

Renter must do the “day of event” furniture cleaning, set up, and put away for furniture when finished.

No cars or heavy equipment may be parked in the alley or garden.

Liquor may be served (but not sold without a liquor license); catering equipment such as BBQ, refrigeration, tables and chairs, and florist services may be brought in.

Live or digital quiet background music is permitted, if played under the 60db limit (defined as the ability to carry on a conversation at arm’s length) so as to not disturb neighbors.  No drums or throbbing reverberation is allowed. No dancing, jumping or vibrations are permitted, to prevent collapse of walls or underground vaults.


Small tents, limited to 20’ x 20’, do not need city permits.. Up to 3 such small tents may be placed back-to-back on the center lawn. Larger tents up to 1,200 square feet are permitted (e.g. 30’x40’), but Renter must get a fire safety permit from the city for them.

All garbage must be removed from the site and taken off the block on the day of the event (usually done by the caterer).  NYMC does not have any garbage removal service.

Security guards or “family” gate watchers must be assigned to keep out strangers during events. Gates must never be left open and unattended.

The site is presented in a safe and tidy “as is” condition.  Prior to every event our maintenance staff will mow the lawn, sweep the alley, put away hoses and clean-up litter.  Our staff frequently inspects the walls and gardens for safety issues.

As an active Cemetery, with ongoing landscaping and construction projects, certain equipment and potted plants will always be in view. Every effort will be made to make equipment unobtrusive and placed under tarps.

Ideal Glass Studios, an independent commercial “green room” around the corner on 2nd Street can provide electrical hook up, bathrooms and catering for movie crews.

Dealing with the weather is an obvious risk taken by the Renter when planning an outdoor event. No refunds will be given due to weather issues.


Renter must make adequate arrangements for tents, umbrellas and stadium ponchos or schedule an alternative “rain date”. In case of impending rain storms, heat waves or similar “Acts of God,” an event may be postponed and rescheduled within a year, at no additional cost.

Dates are considered reserved only after the contract is signed by both Cemetery and Renter, and the 50% rental deposit fee has been received. The second 50% fee is due one month prior to the event.

Cemetery reserves the right for its Staff and Trustees to attend, monitor and give advice for all events. Decorations must receive prior approval.

Since the Cemetery is rarely open to the public, we request that before asking for a private tour of the site, visitors go to our next door neighbor, the Bowery Hotel, located at 335 Bowery at the corner of  East 3rd Street.

From the Hotel, one can look out the back gate of their ground floor Lobby Bar or go up to their second-floor balcony to catch a glimpse our garden.

Be aware that the West (hotel) end of the Cemetery is used for storage and is our least attractive side. The only access to our garden is through our alley on Second Avenue. The gate between the Bowery Hotel and Marble Cemetery is never opened.

For more information:

Email: events@marblecemetery.org

Call: Caroline S. DuBois, President

(516) 922-7345 home

Click here to download a pdf copy of the NYMC Rental Policy.

For further information please contact:


Caroline S. DuBois, President
(516) 922-7345 home

Click here to download a pdf copy of the NYMC Rental Policy.