New York Marble Cemetery
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Located at 41 1/2 Second Avenue in New York’s Lower East Side, the Cemetery is open at least once a month, April through October.
There is no shelter, so if the weather is unpleasant, please take a raincheck until the next month.
Owners, neighbors, and researchers are all welcome.
Walking tours and other large groups must make arrangements in advance.

Open Gate/Day Schedule For 2020

41 1/2 Second Ave., New York, NY


Please check back for our post Covid-19 Lock-down schedule once it is ok to open responsibly.

The Cemetery’s entrance is on 2nd Avenue (btwn E. 3rd and E. 2nd street),
not on E. 2nd Street.

For descendants who will be in town at times other than those listed, please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements for you to visit.

If you are not a descendant and you would like to schedule a special visit for any reason please contact

For a special visit please consider supporting New York Marble Cemetery with a donation.

The Cemetery is also available for rental for appropriate events, which are considered on a case-by-case basis.